Gotham Knights Releases 1.3GB update

WB Games Montreal has released its latest update for Gotham Knights on PC, which aims to tackle bugs and other technical issues. It’s common for a AAA title such as Gotham Knights to still be getting worked on weeks or even months after launch.

It’s been just short of a month since Gotham Knights was released on October 21. In that time, the latest video game in the Batman universe has been suffering from some minor bugs on PC that this update aims to address. One such bug that is causing issues for PC players is a glitch that causes text to linger in Gotham Knights’ unpopular UI.

The patch is available now for PC players to download. There aren’t any sweeping changes coming, and Gotham Knights won’t be a different game after this 1.3GB update. Instead, several smaller issues have been targeted to make for a better player experience. However, there are other game design issues in Gotham Knights that, if fixed, could improve the game even more. Of course, updates such as this one are focused on bug fixes to help the game run smoothe and are not intended to overhaul entire in-game features.

It’s worth reiterating that this patch is only coming to PC players. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions received a smaller patch last week which aimed to fix similar issues that were plaguing those playing through Gotham Knights on console. However, something that patches likely won’t fix are the graphics in Gotham Knights, which many fans have found disappointing for a title released only on next-gen platforms.

Much like people’s expectations going into the game, Gotham Knights is a mixed bag. While it ended up being a decent experience, which is certainly nothing to turn one’s nose up at, many players feel that it falls short of being a great game. The core gameplay revolves around a tight loop, but many gamers have said that nothing goes above and beyond what was expected.

The bug fixes coming with this update will be welcome to those who’ve suffered with these technical issues. That said, there are players who would argue that no amount of patches can fix what some consider a mediocre title. In the wake of IGN’s review of Gotham Knights giving it 5/10, players even modded the score into Spider-Man Remastered on PC as the playable avatar.

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